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Claire is friends with Marisa Giancarla

Xonotic: Smilecythe vs Solid - Warfare

Haven't uploaded a duel in this map before, although I play it a lot. Had a couple nice frags in there, as did Solid ;)

Xonotic Multiplayer Gameplay (LP)

A quick run through a few rounds of carefully matched Xonotic Freeze Tag. During the second game my copy of Open Broadcaster crapped out just enough...

Xonotic: Smilecythe vs Islinn - Tuhma

Some duellerino on Tuhma.

Xonotic Gameplay: 1v1 QuekZ vs Kult

Just a Duell against the best CTF player Kult

Xonotic frag movie - Mirification #8

Join #xonotic.pickup -

Xonotic World Cup Series 2017 Minor #2

Xonotic Instagib Duel Cup: [WW] Dr. Equivalent...

Xonotic - FinalRage: Intel HD Graphics 3000

Best FREE 3D-Shooter 'XONOTIC' on Intel HD Graphics 3000. These are some of my new sounds for Xonotic. (I made 99% of the sound for Nexuiz-classic &...

Xonotic World Cup Series 2017 Major #1

Xonotic OST - 17 - Inner Peace

Track by Sc0rp

Xonotic 0 8 0 Download

2v2 TDM Xonotic Pickup on Boil

Kuniuthefrog's new TDM map being played by Me, Lightbringer, Dekry and the man himself. I didn't notice the notification sound until after I...

Xonotic Map Walkthrough: Silent Seas by Munyul...

I walk through the map Silent Seas for the upcoming Xonotic Quick Duel Cup #84. Details of the cup:...

Xonotic XQC #83 (4v4 TDM/Draft) Grand Finals

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